Welcome to Tawnya Sutherland’s Coaching Area for her SOC Distributors.

My goal with this member area is to give you some extra coaching and marketing strategies to help you have a Send Out Cards business as successful as mine. Follow what I do, it works! 😉

Resources you’ll find here:

  • Regular blog posts to help you build more Success Units.
  • Training to help you promote SOC like a pro!
  • Templates to make it easier for you to use Send Out Cards.
  • Ideas & resources to increase your down line.
  • Tips n strategies that work to promote SOC!

To access these resources, just go to the Card Giving Blog area on the right and access the posts under Card Coaching Area.

FIRST: Let’s set up a time for your first coaching session with me via phone.

Set up an appointment time with me via my Tungle Scheduler.

NOTE: If you are a guest here and enrolled in Send Out Cards under a Distributor other than me, please contact them for your first coaching session. You’ll be able to find their contact information in your Business Office. Enjoy my SOC resource area!

SECOND: Get started quickly by doing these steps:

1.  Set up your Autoship by ordering 100 points for $31. I highly suggest setting up an auto shipment of $31 in points each month. The reason I say this is because it will qualify towards your dashboard being lit up which means you will start earning commissions! I just keep mine on auto and if I don’t use them that month (always do) then they do build up and you end up with a bunch at holiday time without any added expense.

2. FIRST 7 DAYS! During your first 7 days if you go out and get 1 Preferred Customer or 2 Retail customers you’ll earn $50 bonus

3. FIRST 30 DAYS! Sign up 3 Manager Distributors and you’ll advance to Senior Distributor so go out there and get your first 3!

4. FIRST 60 DAYS – By keeping your dashboard lit (green) by having $93 CSV (Customer subscription volume which includes your purchases) you’ll get 100 FREE points!

THIRD: Set time aside to learn this business inside & out!

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction: I truly believe that you must mingle with those who are already making it in Send Out Cards.

1. Visit Send Out Cards Official Training Site:  Join in on the Gratitude Party, take the challenge and get your dashboard lit! Watch all the training videos and get to know your product by starting to use it.

2. Check out David Frey’s SOC Coach site – He is the guy who got me started in SOC.

3. I want you to email me today and tell me why you are doing this SOC business. To make a car or house payment? To send your daughter to private school? To work from home? What is your why? Dig down deep until you figure out your true why. Take a minute right now and write your Why Statement and email it to me.

4. Plan to attend a SOC Event by finding a local close to you and registering.

5. Over the next two weeks, set aside a time each day to focus on your Send Out Cards.  Spend time going through your back office in your SOC login area to look at all the documentation and training available to you.

Email me once you’ve completed the above. I’ll then set up a time to talk on phone with you about what you’ve done so far to help you make this a strong business for you that leads you to residual income in the near future.  I’d like to set up a regular timeslot each month with you to talk on the phone for 15 minutes to help you make money with this business opportunity.

I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to contact me anytime.

You can also find me on SKYPE:

Skype Me™!

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