The Lost Art of Love Letter Writing

I’m really starting to feel overwhelmed with the information overload of the twitter-twattering about things I have never really paid much attention to before social networking came into my life!


Digital communication, for example: text messaging, Skype, Twitter, blogging, forums and other forms of social networking are taking over my life!

loveletterAt least I still have fond memories of writing a long letter to my pen pal as a child.  I bet our kids don’t even know what the term penpal means?

I’ll never forget sitting at my desk in my bedroom as a teenager and writing for long hours about secrets and exciting things going on in my life to my penpal on the other end of the world. Knowing she would eventually read my letter and maybe even imagine what it was like to be living in shoes in Canada!  I know I felt this way every time I received a letter from her in Africa. I’ll never forget reading her long letters of living in a small African third world village and how odd her upbringing and environment were to me.  I’d imagine myself in her shoes all the time as we had the same things going on in our minds, just on opposite ends of the earth.  I’ll never forget her telling me about a local boy she had her eye on and her experience falling in love with him. It was like reading a Harlequin romance that wasn’t fiction!

Even thousand of miles apart with completely different ways of growing up, we still had the same thing in common as teenagers -> GUYS!

Speaking of guys, what ever happened to sitting down, relaxing and writing a  long heartfelt love letter to your soul mate to show your love?

Will  the new generation of children even remember the days long past when couples would court for months via the postal system? Waiting with every last waking breath to see the postmaster bring that weekly card or letter to your mailbox?  Knowing that you are finally going to be in touch again mentally with your loved one? That loved one who took time out of their day to focus on you while they wrote that piece of communication long lost in today’s digital age, a love letter.

Can you even imagine what a love letter is like now?

The new generation probably only sees it as a string of 140 character text messages grouped over the course of a twelve hour day filled with emoticons and poor written use of the English language.

No more are love letters hand made from beautifully dyed papers,  edges finely burnt with a match to give it that romantic touch, scented with a drop of your loved one’s fine perfume, encased in a foil trimmed envelope and sealed with a red lipstick kiss to lock their secrets away until it reaches their loved one’s hands.


Show your LOVE today because everyone still loves special attention every now and then.

When did you last write a letter to a loved one or that special friend?

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