Top 12 Signs You Need a Relationship Marketing System in Your Business

Thanks to all the Contributors from my online networks who helped me compile this list:

Here’s the top 12 signs you need a relationship marketing system in your business that does the work for you:

  1. Your customer has to tie a string around his finger to remember who you are.
  2. Your customers have never gotten a birthday card from you and quite frankly, you don’t even know when their birthday is.
  3. Sending handwritten notes to your customer list is an overwhelming task and you don’t have time.
  4. Standing in line at the post off is wasting time you could be spending with your clients and earning income.
  5. The number of holiday cards you receive is 5 times the number you send.
  6. You have experienced “Post Office Parking Rage” when trying to drop off letters.
  7. You spend more time at the physical therapists office curing writers cramp than in your own office.
  8. You’re still truly seeking THE most cost effective and powerful method to retain clients, and generate referrals that’s ever been invented.
  9. If your family got to go out for some holiday fun and you had to stay behind to finish writing Christmas cards to your clients.
  10. If you have your Virtual Assistant/secretary sign your name to the Christmas cards and don’t think your clients will notice.
  11. You pass a longtime client on the street and they don’t recognize who you are.
  12. Your stay in touch strategy consists of sending monthly bills to your clients.

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