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Referral Marketing Manager Program

Want to impress your clients and bring them more referrals, clients and sales than they every dreamed?

Become a Referral Marketing Manager (RMM)

What you’ll learn…

•How to employ a systematic referral marketing process that will “amaze” your clients
•How to develop a referral marketing plan for your client
•The right and wrong way to setup and maintain a database relationship management system
•Where to find referrals for your clients and help them increase their database
•About the different referral marketing methods that actually work
•How to market your RMM services to retain new clients

What’s the Cost for this Referral Marketing Manager (RMM) Program?

$397  OR

Contact Tawnya Sutherland today to find out how to get it for FREE!


Virtual Assistants: Impress & Retain More Clients!
ADD Referral Marketing to your service list PLUS make passive income from it!

Become a Referral Marketing Manager (RMM) Today!

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