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Holiday Prospecting – Campaigns

Hi SOC Distributors,

News you can use this November…

1.  If you are looking for different campaigns, there is a main campaign site where you can login and have access to a whole bunch of different campaigns. To access:

Go to

Sign in with this login info
Username: allcampaigns
Password: 12345

To get a campaign out of there all you have to do is go to “Manage Campaigns” and “Copy To User”

To put a campaign in there you just, from your own SOC account, “Copy To User” and copy it to: [your user id #]

I’ll be sharing some of my campaigns in there this month and you’ll be able to recognize them as their start with VA. The one I just shared is VA Xmas Card Prospects.  If you are sharing any, feel free to name them “VA whatever” to so we can all find the VA cards easily in there.

2. December 15th is the last day Send Out Cards will guarantee delivery of holiday greeting cards and gifts so make sure you get yours out before then.

I’m sending mine extra early in anticipation that people will view them and want to join Send Out Cards to send their own customized cards out too.

Tips to make your holiday greeting cards find the fireplace mantel instead of the bowl full of non-appealing cards on the coffee table.

If your card makes it to the fireplace mantel of the home you are sending to, it will be viewed by more which means others may learn about Send Out Cards if they turn your card over.

– Send your holiday cards as early as possible. That way if someone really likes them and wants to use SOC for their holiday greeting cards, they still have time to sign up and get them out. I send mine November 15th.
– Customize with your picture (or better yet, receivers picture) to make it most memorable. People have a harder time not displaying cards with peoples pictures on them.
– Make sure you use your handwriting font and signature inside to show how these cards can be customized
– Humourous cards are more memorable
– Down in the left corner of each card I put in small letters “Like my card? Call me…”  This gives them a reason to call you.

3. My outlook calendar screwed up this month and it didn’t record some of my monthly calls with each distributor.  Can you please set up a new time with me to talk with you for 15 minutes?  I’d love to keep in touch with each and every one of you once a month to see where you are at and how I can help you be as successful as I am in SOC.  Contact me with a time to call you before November is over.

Don’t Sit Back and Wait For Those Leads

Sitting around and waiting for a new SOC lead to show up on your front door would be a wonderful way to recruit new distributors wouldn’t it???  But it’s not really reality. Saying that, recruiting a new distributor doesn’t take much work once they test run the SOC system as they are sure to fall in love with it so it actually is an easy sell.  But if you want to reap the big rewards, it definitely helps to put in a bit of time and effort each week into your SOC business.

What have you done this week to help grow your SOC business?

This past week was very productive for me and I achieved these 6 things:

1. Did my Daily 8. This is my focus each and every week and do this ritually!

2. Signed on two new Distributors (Welcome Kathy & Nazim)

3. Got my training site set up for my Distributors. The mere fact you are reading this means you are signed up to it and I hope you enjoy 😉

4. Set up scheduled monthly calls for 15 minutes with each of my distributors to train and help them with SOCs.  I’d love to see you do this with your distributors too to help them grow their business too.  Don’t forget, any distributors that sign up under you may also take part in my membership training area and utilize all the resources I add into it.

5 Attended SOC Super Saturday – I highly recommend doing this.  It was a blast and very casual.  We had a short talk about our dreams and what they are followed by a hands on workshop to create our dream board.

6. Signed up to attend SOC’s Making a Difference, 2010 Convention in Salt Lake City!

I’d love to hear what you did in Send Out Cards this week, please share by commenting below. Don’t be shy. Doing something is better than nothing and every time it will get easier and easier 🙂

I encourage you all to think about attending the Salt Lake City Convention as I’d love to meet you there and hang out! You don’t want to miss these as they are inspiring and very motivational in helping you succeed in this card referral business. It’s always packed with team building events, innovative training, new product announcements and the chance to hang out with fellow Send Out Cards business builders to network and learn from.

If you can’t make it, I recommend registering for the online conference.  Online Convention Streaming : Watch the 2010 Convention online from the comfort of your home! Streaming includes Thursday’s Opportunity Meeting, Fast Start Guide/Daily8 Training, and all Friday and Saturday general sessions. A convention bag, pen, pin, journal, agenda and lanyard are included with this purchase and will be mailed after convention. Register for 2010 Convention under your Card Manager Main Menu. It’s only $99 which is a real steal for training of this magnitude.

That’s all for now…keep sending cards to show you care 🙂

Tawnya Sutherland

PS: Make sure you keep your Distributorship active by spending $30 every 30 days on your business so you don’t miss out on any commissions. The best way to do this I find is to set up your AUTOSHIP with a 100 points for $31. You can carry these points over each month if you don’t use them and have tons of points at gift giving time around Christmas so it doesn’t hit you all at once.  Because I guarantee you, you’ll love sending out “Season Greetings” cards in December personalized with pictures of you and your friends on it 🙂

Lead Generation Resources

Finding and keeping track of new leads in the Send Out Cards business is crucial to your success as a distributor.

First, if you’ve not completed The Daily 8 yet, go do that first.

Lead Generation Downloads Available:

Daily 8 Scorecard – This is a handy scorecard to keep track of your Daily 8 activities.

Contact Follow Up Sheet – This excel spreadsheet is a super easy way to keep track of your leads and your follow up.

Contact Manager Import Template – Want to import a large list of leads into your contact manager?  I’ve made it easy for you with this import excel sheet. It has all the excel fields added that you need to easily import your existing database from Outlook, Gmail or from wherever, into your Contact Manager.

SOC Labels – I use these labels to put on the back of all of my promotional materials that I give away to promote SOC.



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