Holiday Prospecting – Campaigns

Hi SOC Distributors,

News you can use this November…

1.  If you are looking for different campaigns, there is a main campaign site where you can login and have access to a whole bunch of different campaigns. To access:

Go to

Sign in with this login info
Username: allcampaigns
Password: 12345

To get a campaign out of there all you have to do is go to “Manage Campaigns” and “Copy To User”

To put a campaign in there you just, from your own SOC account, “Copy To User” and copy it to: [your user id #]

I’ll be sharing some of my campaigns in there this month and you’ll be able to recognize them as their start with VA. The one I just shared is VA Xmas Card Prospects.  If you are sharing any, feel free to name them “VA whatever” to so we can all find the VA cards easily in there.

2. December 15th is the last day Send Out Cards will guarantee delivery of holiday greeting cards and gifts so make sure you get yours out before then.

I’m sending mine extra early in anticipation that people will view them and want to join Send Out Cards to send their own customized cards out too.

Tips to make your holiday greeting cards find the fireplace mantel instead of the bowl full of non-appealing cards on the coffee table.

If your card makes it to the fireplace mantel of the home you are sending to, it will be viewed by more which means others may learn about Send Out Cards if they turn your card over.

– Send your holiday cards as early as possible. That way if someone really likes them and wants to use SOC for their holiday greeting cards, they still have time to sign up and get them out. I send mine November 15th.
– Customize with your picture (or better yet, receivers picture) to make it most memorable. People have a harder time not displaying cards with peoples pictures on them.
– Make sure you use your handwriting font and signature inside to show how these cards can be customized
– Humourous cards are more memorable
– Down in the left corner of each card I put in small letters “Like my card? Call me…”  This gives them a reason to call you.

3. My outlook calendar screwed up this month and it didn’t record some of my monthly calls with each distributor.  Can you please set up a new time with me to talk with you for 15 minutes?  I’d love to keep in touch with each and every one of you once a month to see where you are at and how I can help you be as successful as I am in SOC.  Contact me with a time to call you before November is over.

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